Your callers can leave messages for you when you are away from your phone.  With Voice Mail, you'll never have to worry about missing a call again.

Voice Mail starts working as soon as you subscribe by answering callers with a standard greeting and storing their messages for you.  You can listen to your messages from your own phone simply by calling the system access number.

How it works:
 1. Voice Mail answers a call when you do not answer your phone after a designated number of rings, or when you are already on the phone.

 2. The message is stored in your mailbox.  The caller hears your greeting and can then leave a message.  The message is stored in your "mailbox" until you listen to it.  You can then delete the message or keep it to play again later (follow the prompts following your message.)

How to access and use your mailbox:
 1. Play your messages at your home phone or any other touch tone phone by calling a system access number and entering your password to reach your mailbox.

 2. You also record your greeting and create your password through your mailbox.  Members of a family or any other group can have private submailboxes with their own password and greeting.  All your interaction with the Voice Mail system is confidential; no one else has access to your mailbox.

When you use Voice Mail for the first time, you may hear an optional tutorial which helps you set up a password and a personalized greeting.  For specific instructions on how to use Voice Mail please click here.

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