Why Wonít My Phone Work?

That depends on whether the problem is in your telephone set, in the wiring inside your home or office, or in the outside lines and switching equipment that Kalama Telephone Company uses to provide you with service.  Simple tests can help you determine whether to call Kalama Telephone Company or another company for assistance.  These tests may save you time and money.

How To Troubleshoot

These tests can help you determine why your phone isnít working:

          1. Check to see if all of your telephones are hung up.

          2. If you have only one phone and it unplugs, take it to a friendís home or office and plug it in.  If it doesnít work there, you probably have a phone equipment problem.

          3. To isolate the problem between your premise and Kalama Telephone Company lines, first remove the cover from the interface.  Next remove the clip from the jack found inside the interface and plug in your telephone set.  If the phone works you may have a problem inside your premise.

          4. If you have two or more phones that unplug, unplug all of them. Then try each one—one at a time— in each phone jack or outlet.  If one phone doesnít work anywhere, you probably have a phone equipment problem.  If none of the phones work in a particular jack, you may have a jack problem.  If none of the phones work in any jack, you may have a Kalama Telephone Company line problem.

          5. If your phone doesnít unplug, contact the company that sold or leased it to you for directions on how to remove it.

          6. If you have phone accessories—such as answering machines, speaker phones, cordless phones, a security system, or night bells—make sure that equipment is working.  If your telephone service works without the added equipment, the problem may be with the accessories.

If You Hear Noise On Your Line

It may be caused by the weather, aerial satellites, poor grounding or other conditions that are only temporary.  If the noise persists, the troubleshooting tips listed above may help isolate the problem.

The interference may also be caused by radio frequency signals from amateur, citizens band (CB) and AM/FM broadcast stations.  The installation of a modular filter, obtainable from most stores selling telephone equipment, may help.

Because cordless telephones operate on radio frequencies, they can also receive interference from nearby radio transmitters.  Contact your cordless telephone equipment supplier or manufacturer for assistance with these problems.

If You Hear A Rapid Busy Signal

While making a local or long distance call, a rapid busy signal could mean that all telephone circuits are busy.  Wait a few minutes, then try your call again.

Customer-Provided Equipment

State and Federal Regulations make the customer responsible for the wiring and customer-owned equipment (CPE) inside the home or business.  In the event you need additional wiring and/or jacks or there is a repair problem, you have three options:

          1. You can perform the work yourself.

          2. You can hire an independent contractor.

          3. You can hire Kalama Telephone Company and we will charge you our time and material rates.

In the event a service call is made and it is determined that the customerís equipment or wiring is at fault, a minimum half-hour service charge will apply.

If customer-provided equipment is defective or harmful to the network, it must be removed.  Kalama Telephone Company may temporarily disconnect your service upon giving notice of problems.

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