Kalama Telephone Company is a locally-owned, independent telephone company located in Kalama, Washington.  We provide business and residential telecommunications services to Kalama and surrounding areas of Cowlitz County.  We offer the best of both worlds in today's telecommunications industry: the latest technology, in a friendly, customer-oriented small town manner.

How To Reach Us
Kalama Telephone Company
290 N. 1st Street
P.O. Box 1068
Kalama, Washington 98625
(360) 673-2755

Business Office Hours:
Monday Through Friday
9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Repair Service
(360) 673-3322

Directory Assistance
Within your local calling area: 411
Outside your local calling area: 411
Toll free numbers 1+800-555-1212

Additional Kalama Telephone Company Directories
(360) 673-2755

Mail Payments To:
Kalama Telephone Company
P. O. Box 4005
Tenino, WA 98589

For your convenience, we have a payment slot by the door to the lobby of the business office.

Buried Cable Location
Call before your dig!
811 or (800) 424-5555

Directories For Other Cities
DEX: 1-800-422-8793

Washington State Telecommunications Relay Service
(TRS) TTY-1-800-833-6388
Voice 1-800-833-6384

Yellow Pages Sales And Customer Service
Northern Directory Publishing

Billing And Payment

Bills are mailed on the 1st day of each month; are due and payable when presented; are past due 15 days thereafter.

How Am I Billed?

The monthly charge for your local telephone service is billed one month in advance.  Long distance calls are, of course, billed after you make them.  Subscribers are held responsible for all toll charges originating from their telephone.

Explanation of Taxes and Fees
County and State 9-1-1

Cowlitz County and Washington State levy charges to cover the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the 9-1-1 system.

FCC Subscriber Line Charge

The FCC requires that local telephone companies recover some of the costs of the facilities they use to connect your home or business for telecom services through a flat, monthly charge assessed on the bills of all residential and business customers.  Commonly referred to as the “subscriber line charge” (SLC) or the “federal subscriber line charge,” this charge is part of the FCC’s ongoing effort to promote a competitive framework for the U.S. telecommunications industry.

The FCC designed the federal SLC as a way to reduce the access charges paid by long-distance companies but still compensate local telephone companies for the use of their facilities by long-distance companies to gain access to customers.  The FCC’s intent is to target end –user customers more directly for these costs.

Federal Universal Service Charge

The federal universal service fund program is designed to help keep local telephone service rates affordable for all customers, in all areas of the United States.  The revenue generated by the Federal Universal Service Charge is remitted on your behalf to the National Exchange Carrier Association.

Access Recovery Charge

The Access Recover Charge is required under FCC rules and enables local telephone companies to recover from end user customers a limited portion of revenues lost due to FCC mandated reductions in intercarrier payments.

City, County and State Sales Taxes

These taxes are flat percentage rates.  They are assessed on certain, but not all, charges and taxes.  The applicable percentage rates can vary depending on where you live.

Federal Excise Taxes

The federal excise tax is a 3% tax that is assessed on certain telecom services that are considered to be interstate in nature.

Past Due Accounts

You will be advised of the past due account by a written notice.  We will make two attempts to reach you by telephone prior to disconnection of service.  If you are disputing any charges on your bill, contact the Business Office.  Service will not be totally disconnected while you are pursuing any remedy or appeal provided any amounts not in dispute are paid when due.

Advance Payments, Establishment of Credit

If you are a new customer or have recently moved and need to reestablish service, we may ask for an advance payment.  We will establish credit to any residential customer who demonstrates a satisfactory credit record on their previous telephone service.

Customers requesting business telephone service may be requested to demonstrate satisfactory credit that is appropriate for the service requested.

Application of Business Rates

The use of telephone service for business purposes automatically subjects that service to business rates regardless of the type of premises on which the telephone is installed.

Customer Complaints and Disputes

When you have a problem with your telephone service or billing, call our Business Office.  Our service representatives in the Business Office are specially trained to solve your telephone problems.

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